Experienced Project Manager, Construction Manager, Real Estate Manager/Advisor, & Facilities Manager

Management professional with extensive background in project management, construction management, facilities and real estate. Experienced working with government agencies, municipalities, and a diverse clientele. Proven experience in building and managing project teams including all aspects of hiring, creation and implementation of processes and procedures, establishing budgets and financial forecasting, setting team goals, and setting maintenance targets and schedules. Strong communications/customer service skills: Expert in vendor interface and management, third party coordination and customer support. Ability to build strong positive working relationships with vendors, internal/external customers, municipalities, and partner agencies.

Project Management ● Program Management ● Construction Management ● Real Estate Management ● Vendor Interface ● Contract Management ● Design QA/QC ● Building Assessment ● Construction BMP ● Site Acquisition ● Contract Negotiation ● Leasing ● Customer Relations ● Owner Representation ● Communications ● Customer ● AHJ Coordination ● Public Outreach ● Staff Supervision ● Mentorship Staff Training ● Forecasting ● Budgeting

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Vanir Construction Management
Project Director
Mar 2020 - Nov 2020

Owner’s Representative & Real Estate Advisor, responsible to provide project advisory services during, design, construction, and operations. Specifically, to act as key advisor during all development phases, lead right of way management process, perform new client business development, and provide large project property asset management, CM/PM & GCCM program management support.
• Developed Right of Way Managed Program support services for large transit projects and vertical healthcare, K-12, correctional, municipal, and private development projects.
• Developed Market strategy and materials for Business Development.

Real Estate and Acquisition Manager
May 2019 - Mar 2020

Responsible for all aspects of real estate, construction management, asset project management, and facilities. This included facilities management, infrastructure maintenance, PM/CM management, vendor management, permitting, land use, site procurement, leasing, contracting.

*Developed new facilities and real estate/acquisition group for private commuter service company.
*PM/CM for WA State Parks traffic flow revisions at Lake Sammamish State Park to enable public and private parking uses. Managed consultants and engineering staff. Main point of contact with Park Staff and WA State Parks Management.
*Project Manager for traffic revision project/study for new private park & ride off Maple Valley Highway. Permitting jurisdiction was City of Renton. Managed traffic studies, coordination with Renton Engineering staff, and preparation of traffic study response memos and letters for permitting process.
*Project Manager for property access revisions in Bellevue and Redmond for private park and ride sites. Managed traffic studies and engineering efforts.
Created asset management system tracking licensing, site acquisition, projects, CRM, and facilities management.

Port of Seattle
Real Estate Property Manager
May 2016 - May 2019

Managed 104k sf Portfolio of retail, office, yard, and building moorage space for an additional 400k of Maritime facility Uplands on 3 additional properties. Responsibilities included capital development, public works, project management, tenant improvement, marketing, leasing, facilities maintenance, infrastructure forecasting, vendor management, and tenant relations.

*Project manager for first ever procurement, installation and operation of electric vehicle charging stations for Seaport at Fishermen’s Terminal and Shilshole Bay Marina. Directly responsible for planning, procurement, construction, and operation.
*Negotiated Land lease and restaurant development at Shilshole Bay Marina with Duke’s Restaurants. Lead plan review and Construction Manager for Port of Seattle. Supported Lessee with City permitting, engineering and code compliance during design.
*PM/CM for office/industrial space rehab for 3 story, 75k sf, Maritime Industrial Center building. Including utility infrastructure, structural, seismic, elevator, site accessibility, and environmental upgrades.
*Served on Project Team as Real Estate Advisor for Fishermen’s Terminal and Salmon Bay Marina capital redevelopment projects.
*Key Right-of-Way & Operations Advisor representing the Port of Seattle on the Ballard LINK EIS and planning project for access to Fishermen’s Terminal and Terminal 91 for Ballard Link Light Rail.

Sound Transit
Assistant Real Property Manager/Right of Way Manager
Oct 2007 - Jan 2016

Managed all real property and right of way of every new ROW alignment, property asset, temporary facility, and ROW Services in support of the agency’s Commuter Rail, Light Rail, and Express Bus projects/facilities.

*Construction Management – Managed tenant improvements, facility upgrades and unscheduled maintenance projects including scheduling, permitting, vendor procurement, scope, and budget. Managed PM Specialist and projects for all maintenance related to infrastructure or facilities managed by Property Management.
*Right-of-Way Real Estate Management – Responsible for Right-of-Way access and Management for Light Rail, Bus and Heavy Rail Projects during design and during construction. Managed Property Commitment Matrix, TCE’s, land rights transfers, conformance matrix and property restorations.
*Employee Supervision – PM Asset and licensing Team was responsible for over 200 commercial and residential properties in excess of $250,000,000 mostly consisting of large warehousing/office, multi-tenant, and single occupancy properties to be transformed into right of way and station property, as well as right of way management of 22 miles of heavy railroad and 23 miles of light rail right of way.
*Facilities Maintenance - Developed and managed $2,500,000 annual property maintenance budget.
*Contract Management – Managed 22 vendor contracts in excess of $6.7 million, performing all aspects of Contract Management, including drafting scopes, independent cost estimates and contract procurement schedules.
*Land Use Licensing – Lead reviewer for PM Group in land use, leasing, and licensing. Responsible for approval and review of all agreements and oversight of any land use on Sound Transit property by a third party. Lead negotiator for terms of land use and requirements of occupancy.
*Contract Negotiations - Lead negotiator for over 156 licenses and leases for use of Sound Transit land and facilities. Agreements negotiated/executed for office space, vacant land, warehousing, retail space, billboards, cellular towers, parking lots, condominium units, apartment complexes and single-family homes
*Communication – Public point of contact for PM. Established and managed positive working relationships with agencies, municipalities, vendor/contractors, railroad operators and branches of the US Military. Represented PM on project teams working closely with construction management, contractors, consultants, management, civil design, development, planning, customer outreach and operations.


East Link, Bellevue, WA. ROW Property Manager, Design-Build, $4.5 billion. ST Property asset key point of contact with Bellevue, Redmond, Seattle, and King County partnering agencies.

*Represented ST during planning, design review and start of construction as property asset manager. Negotiated during design for construction property access and signalization with City of Redmond.
*Negotiated facility and infrastructure maintenance & access language during design with City of Bellevue, King County, and ST Operations.

Sound Transit, North Link Projects (N111, 125, 160), Seattle, WA. ROW Property Management, $3.5 billion, Design-Bid-Build.

*On behalf of Project and Real Estate, negotiated and managed WSDOT Airspace lease requirements and oversight during Northgate Station design and construction.
*ON behalf of PM and CM, negotiated Northgate site access and utility maintenance during construction for KC Metro, City of Seattle, and adjacent private development.

Sound Transit, D to M & M to Lakewood (Sounder), Tacoma/Lakewood, WA. ROW Property Manager, $800 million, Design-Bid-Build.

*PM/CM for BNSF operations office in Lakewood, WA for Sounder Commuter rail south sound terminus. Managed new property permitting/entitlement, construction, finishes, and track crossing.
*On behalf of ST, negotiated site access and traffic revisions for D to M Project with City of Tacoma and local business owners.

Sound Transit, Airport Link, S 200th, (S440) Angle Lake, Seattle/SeaTac, WA. ROW Property Management, $2 billion, Design/-Bid-Build.

*Managed utility entitlement, permitting and demolition preparation for Angle Lake Station project.

Sound Transit, Central Link (C710, C735, C755), Seattle, WA. ROW Property Management, $2.9 billion, Design-Bid-Build.

*Managed private and public property conformance restoration project for Rainer Valley Link Light Rail project. Coordinated with STCM, SDOT and property owners. Conducted and tracked 500+ conformance inspections for property access and tie-in construction activities. Finalized restorations with project permit approval process.


Art Institute of Seattle
Associates, Visual Communications
Aug 1990 - Nov 1992

2 year technical degree in graphic design, advertising and illustration.
member of Honors Program Student Studio.

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