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I have over 20 years experience in Information Technology in support, training and management roles.   My career focus has been in IT technical support, software development and product release management. 

My recent roles have included managing an IT Department for the U.S. Census Bureau supporting over 3300 office and field staff.   I have also managed application releases and store fronts for Microsoft web stores and managing SDLC's for apps and product suites prior to public release.   I have worked closely with cross functional teams on resolving bugs, compatibility issues, and legal and licensing compliance issues.   I have extensive technical experience interfacing with developer teams, stakeholders and clients matter specific to technical support, product support, and customer support and training.

I have experience managing multiple teams of 10-20 members concurrently, both onshore and offshore.  These teams performed technical support, software development, and training for hardware and software releases.  I helped in the recruitment, onboarding and career development for team members and project staff to respond to changes in task workloads and scope.   I have excellent technical writing and interpersonal skills that allow me to work with end users and developers without any difficulties.

Outside of the Information Technology field, I have over 8 years’ experience in the Construction industry as a Survey Technician and Field Operative.  

My years of experience and varied roles have given me a unique understanding of government policy, requirements and procedures.   These skills have allowed me to communicate with public sector entities and using government resources very effectively. 

I received high praise for my abilities from all my previous employers and peers.   I am eager to discuss my experience in more detail if possible and appreciate your consideration.

Last Resume Update December 21, 2020
Address Lake Stevens
E-mail grundig12@msn.com
Phone Number 2536537810

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