Experienced People Manager, Administrator, Service Professional

I am a lifelong service professional who has held a number of both tactical contributor and strategic leadership positions within the industry. From my earliest experiences as a corporate restaurant  employee turned manager to my most recent position at Honeywell as a Senior Manager for North America Technical Support, my philosophy has always been to serve my customers the way I would want to be served: with a strong service mindset and a determination to delight my customers into returning for more, as needed. 

I would prefer to work in a remote capacity, but would agree to a reasonable commute to an in-premise opportunity. 

I have had significant experience in managing call center operations, from the establishment of several Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems, to direct management of call center staff. 

I am an experienced user of Microsoft Office/365 including many early iterations. I consider myself an intermediate - expert in the use of Excel, Word and PowerPoint and am very familiar with the remainder of the suite of applications. I have also had significant experience using Salesforce.com, SAP, Oracle and many other enterprise-wide management systems, including heavy use of the analytics engines within each platform. I am also experienced in the functions and use of the data aggregating engine known as Tableau, now owned by Salesforce.com.

I am specifically looking for something with a local focus, with a predictable schedule, but if remote, portable enough to be worked from any location in the Puget Sound region, or preferably anywhere within the continental US. 

Finally, although my experience leans heavily in the direction of management, I am not necessarily looking for that intensity now. I am older but not yet ready to retire, and would love to find an autonomous role that provides a needed service, or services, to my customers for many years to come.



Last Resume Update December 21, 2020
Address Marysville
E-mail jemccann@gmail.com
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