Experienced Electromechanical Engineer
  • Designed and created complex parts and fixtures with SolidWorks and AutoCAD. Extensive experience with 3D Printing technology.
  • Developed Functional Test algorithms, Validation, and Qualification plans per Product Specifications and customer requirements. Designed, created, and debugged test software packages.
  • Collaborated on various Technical Problem-solving Teams as an award-winning Lead Engineer. Expert in providing "Root Cause Analysis" through an analytical approach with FMEA, MSE, DOE, and 3D Modeling. Successfully solved all technical problems involved, improved throughput to better than 3σ (93.3%) in all cases, eliminated scraps, and minimized reworks.
  • Highly skilled in designing, setting up, and optimizing production assembly lines from sub-assembly level through final acceptance tests for Electro-mechanical devices. Created routings, operating, inspection, and test instructions. Familiar with ISO-9001, MIL-STD, and BAC requirements.
  • Designed precision fixturing for production assembly lines with SolidWorks and AutoCAD, covering a wide range of functions from locating, holding, drilling, assembling, and inspecting.
  • Designed and created Industrial Automation Systems with Programmable Logic Controllers, stepper motors, and custom-designed mechanical fixturing for Aircraft Assemblies and Parts building.
  • Designed 3D, fully interactive technical instruction packages with Catia and Catia Composer for aircraft mechanics to build complicated assemblies.
  • Performed time study, designed and created “1-piece workflow” and “Lean” production lines. Defined and optimized “Value Stream” and “Production Walk Pattern.” Defined and hosted Kaizen Events. Created Visual Workplace with a Kanban system.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with electronics and electrical control circuits.
  • Proficient in utilizing IEEE, computer-controlled instrumentations, and devices.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in implementing, evaluating, and troubleshooting high-speed computer data acquisition and IO systems using National Instruments, Measurement Computing, and Advanced Micro Devices products.
  • Strong background in computer programming languages, including LabVIEW, VC#, Visual Basic, VBA. Created in-process and final acceptance test software packages together with designing relational database with Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access to capture the entire product life cycle.
  • Complete utilization of all Microsoft products, including Access, Excel, Visio, Project, Word, PowerPoint, and scripting and VBA to develop customized automated test data sheets and reports.
  • Certifications: Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE w/ Internet), Green Belt, Lean Manufacturing, ACE Associate (Achieve Competitive Excellence).
  • Very patient in dealing with others and works well on a collaborative team.

Wide range of product involvements, from Precision Inertial Guidance Systems to Commercial Airplane Flight Control.

Last Resume Update January 2, 2021
Address Marysville
E-mail Chieu.Do11@gmail.com
Phone Number 18608824112
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Senior Aerospace AMT
Aerospace Manufacturing Engineer
Nov 2015 - Oct 2020

• Reviewed, monitored, investigated, analyzed, and created Technical Solutions solving all low yield production lines into better than 3σ performance.
• Designed and created production support fixtures including prototyping with 3D Printing technology.
• Lead engineer for 777X Lateral Control System, from building, setting, and testing. Successfully reduced setting and testing time from 1 week to within 2 hours, a 95% reduction.
• Created 3D, fully interactive technical instruction packages for production lines.
• Created SQL database, GUI, and complete Solution Set to manage aerospace assemblies Part Markings where Trackability is critical.
• Enhanced production lines with Automation using PLC, DAQ, and others.
• Developed custom software with LabVIEW, VC#, and VBA for product testing, industrial automation, and production controls.

UTC Aerospace Systems - Cheshire, CT
Principal Engineer
Jan 2012 - Nov 2015

• Generated and reviewed engineering drawings, specifications, reports, and other technical documentation.
• Designed and implemented engineering and production fixtures and processes. Created validation and qualification plans, collected data, and issued reports to obtain customer approvals.
• Participated in RRCA (relentless root cause analysis) Board to determine root causes and corrective actions for production problems.
• Designed, implemented, and monitored Value Stream, participated in Kaizen events, created Kanban systems, designed, and optimized production workflow.
• Provided technical support for suppliers.
• Interfaced with customers to provide technical support and help resolve issues.

UTC Aerospace Systems - Cheshire, CT
Test Engineer / Test Engineering Site Lead
Apr 2004 - Jan 2012

• Designed and created specific, customized test software packages driven by customer requirements and product specifications.
• Analyzed test data, debugged existing test software packages, explored and incorporated new technologies where feasible.
• Participated in cross-function, cross-site common test engineering knowledge, and tools sharing.

BAE Systems
Senior Project Engineer
Apr 1995 - Apr 2004

• Designed fixtures and processes to support the mass production line.
• Created, reviewed, and approved Operating, Inspection, and Test instructions.
• Designed, created, and evaluated Acceptance Test software packages.
• Analyzed test data, provided root cause analysis, and corrective actions for manufacturing personnel.
• Provided technical assistance to customers and suppliers.


University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Jan 1992 - Aug 1995

• Machine Components Design
• Material Properties, Stress / Strain Analysis
• Electrical and Computer Interfaces

Hartford State Technical College
A.S. Mechanical Engineering
Sep 1983 - May 1987

• Computer Aid Design
• General College Curriculum

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